Sur-Pro Quad Lock Stilts


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Quad Lock Stilts...The SAFEST Drywall Stilts Available!

  • Wrap-around leg band and wider contoured foot plate offer superior comfort and increased stability
  • Wider and Lighter-construction offers stability, better balance, and improved mobility
  • SurPro Stilts with Interlok offer improved balance and stability

Double Wingbolts - Double Protection

An additional wingbolt improves stability of the extension legs leading to extra safety and confidence through increased force resistance.

Unique Side Pole Key Lock

New key lock design improves clamping force, reliability, and reduces wear. The side poles are locked into place eliminating unintended twisting.

Wider, Canted Arch Strap

Improved wider arch strap offers increased stability. The angled attachment offers a more natural placement of the strap over the foot increasing overall comfort.

Interlock System

Patented side bracket clamp houses the side pole, eliminates the risk of the side pole detaching from the main body of the stilt in use.