Krendl 575 All-Fiber Insulation Machine Single Input


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The Krendl 575-A is an economical all fiber airlock Insulation Blowing Machine designed for professional insulation contractors.

The Krendl 575-A features high production rates and low maintenance with its large capacity hopper which is easy to load while also delivering high quality, rugged performance.It also features an electric dashboard that is user-friendly, and the acrylic clear safety guard enables you to inspect the drive motor and moving parts for proper operation. It also has a rugged powder coat finish and a built-in holder for tools.
The innovative dual agitators ensure a constant flow of your fiberglass material so your production rate can peak at 1000 pounds per hour for fiberglass (454 kilograms/hr.). Insulation material loading is made easy with the convertible built in tray, and with a hopper capacity of14 cubic feet, you are sure to get the job done efficiently.