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The Energy Guardian Kits for Knee Wall R-22

Outside Measurements 22" x 36" x 36"

The Award Winning Energy Guardian Knee Wall (Side Wall) Kit eliminates energy loss through attic knee wall openings and meets NEW 2009 IECC Code Requirements. Lightweight and easy to install/use, the lid creates a tension based on an air tight seal.

The Energy Guardian Kits- Named BEST AVAILABLE PRODUCT by Fine Homebuilding Magazine and a Green Product that You Should Know About in This Old! It's the choice of the most respected home performance experts and the fastest growing solution for homeowners across the country. They are made in the USA by a Veteran Owned Company.

Pull down ladders and push up hatches cost money and create uncomfortable areas in any home in both hot and cold weather.

The patented design of The Energy Guardian Kits meets all Code and Department of Energy minimum requirements* for your pull down ladder or push up hatch.

Important! The U.S. Department of Energy published minimum requirements for all pull down ladder covers and push up hatches. *See: http //, page 74.

Use this checklist to compare any alternative:

Essential Features The Energy Guardian
Made of non-compressible, rigid insulation*
(no batt insulation)
A 20-year service life for the product* YES
Insulating value equal to the rest of the attic* YES
Provide a Durable air seal* YES
Can install with uneven or no decking YES