Cool 700 Insulation Blowing Machine w/ 8 amp blower


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The Cool Machine model 700 is designed for the ultimate in portability and low power requirements. Its compact size with easy hopper removal allows for easy transport and handling in any vehicle. This standard insulation blowing machine is a great choice for the do it yourself installer.
  • On/off switch at the base of machine and is matched with a 120 volt, 8 amp 2-stage blower
  • Quick release auger provides easy access to airlock seal replacement and service
  • Single input 120 volt, 15 amp., power supply required, requires a 4,000 watt or larger generator
  • #40 nickel plated chain and hardened sprockets are rugged and corrosion resistant
  • Dual 'scalping' auger increase fiber conditioning while providing consistent feed
  • 950 pounds an hour cellulose, 400 pounds an hour fiberglass, 600 pounds an hour rockwool
  • Quick-release hopper for fast access to airlock with large handles for easy handling & transport, 7.5 cubic/ft hopper capacity
  • High-quality powder coating provides a long lasting, scratch and corrosion resistant finish
  • Overall dimensions: 17" W x 24" L x 48" H (Base unit 17" W x 24" L x 17" H)
  • Weight: 200 lbs (90 kg)
  • Note: This standard unit does not come with a remote or blower control, see SKU # CM-712 for the deluxe model
Due to size, this item must be shipped via semi.
This product requires a forklift or manpower to unload it from the semi.
Due to expense, call for freight quote before ordering.