AccuVent 22.5'' x 41'' 24'' o.c Flame Retardant PVC Attic Vent 50 Pack


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Brentwood's AccuVent systems provide cost-effective, energy-saving ventilation solutions for new and older homes alike. With models to fit any attic application, AccuVent is preferred by contractors for its simple installation and guaranteed improvements in ventilation efficiency.

AccuVent Original Attic Soffit Vent Systems fits 14.5 inch x 41 inch soffit areas (16" o.c.). Baffle allows airflow and prevents insulation from blocking airflow. 16 sqin. Net Free Area. 50 Vents/Box. Price/Box.

  • Designed specifically for traditional ceiling applications with either blown-in or batting type insulation.
  • Easy to install with only 6-8 staples.
  • Prevents wind washing and drifting of insulation.
  • An excellent measure to help prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • 100% recycled flame retardant plastic meets the new EnergyStar Thermal Bypass Checklist requirement.
  • Perforated tear strip for width adjust-ability.

AccuVent is made from 100% recycled PVC, a self-extinguishing material which easily meets E-84 class 1 requirements.

50 count bundle
Attic Vent 22.5" x 41" (24" oc)