Flex-Mend Belly Paper Tape - 4" x 180'


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Flex-Mend Mobile Home Belly Pan Patch Repair Tape 4" x 180' Roll-Most Popular Size. This has the peel off backing! This is Not the economy grade.If you live in or own a Mobile Home This is a must-have product! Repair small holes, tears, and cuts. When cutting into the belly pan to access the plumbing or other areas the best way to do this is cut a flap or 3 sides of a square. Do not cut out a hole it will be much tougher to patch. Then use the Flex-Mend to tape seams back together. Very simple and easy to use. Works on the Plastic type woven bottoms. Will not work on the older cardboard type bottoms. Flex-Mend is a mending product that matches the appearance and texture of bottom board closure materials used by most manufacturers in the mobile home industry today. Use of a hair dryer to flash warm it will make it stick even better!